Igor Aizenberg

Director of Computational Intelligence Laboratory

Professor of Computer Science

Texas A&M University-Texarkana

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Dear Friends, since I am moving to the new university,

this page will be no longer updated starting from May 16, 2016.

I will launch a new web page in September 2016.

Thank you very much for your patience.



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         Book_Cover_Small.jpgComplex-Valued Neural Networks with Multi-Valued Neurons

       This is a web page devoted to the book. In particular, some corrections are available there

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        Task Force on Complex-Valued Neural Networks of IEEE CIS NNTC


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Contact me: igor.aizenberg "at" gmail.com

From Algebra and Logic to Signals Neurons,

and Intelligence

International Workshop in honor of 80th anniversary

of Prof. Naum Aizenberg

Uzhgorod, Ukraine, August 4-6, 2008